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Roveee 300M Depth Rating

Under Water Remotely Operated Vehicle (Roveee)

Cara yang terbaik untuk menjelajahi lingkungan bawah laut adalah dengan menggunakan sebuah [roVeee].

Thruster Configuration

Submersibel Robot


GoPro HD

Vectorabel Thruster

Chasis From Solid Allo

Transport Case

Topside Control Console



General :

300 meters depth rating
16.6 kg submersible weight in air (3-thrusters)
~60 kg total system weight
110-240V AC 50-60hz input
Robot dimensions: 63 cm length 31 cm width 29 cm height


Vision :

800 HTVL High Resolution Camera
NTSC standard (PAL option available upon request)
Super wide dynamic range
Up to 0.01 lux sensitivity
Remotely tiltable camera (135 degrees tilt range)
3200 lumens LED lighting
Remotely tiltable mounting for GoPro HD


Propulsion :

15-30 degrees vectorable angles
Direct drive
Brushless permanent magnet motor
95 mm propeller diameter
3.3 kg-f bollard thrust each thruster
140 watts consumption each thruster
Anodized aluminum alloy housing


Control Console :

12-inch Display
Watertight case (when closed)
Composite video output
Control for depth, forward, reverse, turn left/right, lateral (4 and 5 thrusters), camera angle and light intensity
Autoheading and autodepth functions*
Depth display (temperature-corrected)
Compass heading (gyro- and accelerometer-corrected)


Tether :

10mm nominal diameter
Neutrally buoyant


Parts Warranty :

Standard warranty is 1 year or 300 operating hours whichever comes first. Warranty extension (2 years or 600 hours whichever comes first) is available upon request.
Parts replacement warranty covers manufacturing defects (not including tether and propellers).


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